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Takara Shelor

Being Sensitive Is Your SuperPower

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Discover how to harness your sensitivity as a powerful asset in both your professional and personal life.

  • Explore the transformative power of energy healing and intuitive practices to unlock your true potential.

  • Gain insights on trusting the journey of self-discovery and finding the right support system when needed.

Featured Freebie

The Sacred Healing Pool to Restore Balance, Harmony, and Inner Peace (Meditations)

1) relax and let the stress just melt away as you enter the soothing healing waters of the Sacred Healing Pool

2) gently and gracefully clear any disharmonious energy you might have picked up as you go about your day-to-day life

3) feel renewed, realigned, and re-balanced once you emerge from the pool feeling totally at peace

Meet Takara Shelor

Takara is a 4-time bestselling author, speaker, engineer, and mystic best known for helping individuals experience profound personal transformation so they can achieve their dreams. She's known as The Spiritual Treasure Hunter and for three decades, she's helped thousands of people from over 100 countries discover their diamonds and gold within. That means their unique gifts and talents, their intuitive and healing abilities, their passion, their purpose, and their joy. She is the author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace; co-author of Unleash Your Future (endorsed by Jack Canfield and awarded the Must Read Seal of Approval from Law of Attraction Magazine); creator, manager, and co-author of Dolphins and Whales Forever; and many others. Her Dancing Dolphin Essences contain dolphin-angel and diamond healing frequencies and have been thrilling customers the world over since 1998.

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