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Khouloud Atigue

Breathwork, HSP and Intuition

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Hear the inspiring journey of embracing high sensitivity and triumphing over obstacles and physical limitations with grace.

  • Discover the importance of understanding and managing the HSP trait for your personal growth and empowerment.

  • Unleash the transformative power of breathwork to connect deeply with yourself, foster emotional release, and experience profound personal growth.

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Meet Khouloud Atigue

Khouloud suffered from breathing issues most of her life. She has very high levels of HSP and HSS traits. She was also born in a country where the community wellbeing has the priority over the individual wellbeing. All this has led her to a series of breakdowns and breakthroughs, leading her to discover the genetic traits she is carrying, building a relationship with her breath. All this empowered her to take control over her life and build a safe space for herself, allowing her intuition to blossom and strengthen.

Now, she harness her superpower to work on Innovation projects in Aviation (Aircraft Communication Systems) in Europe, and to hold powerful breathwork circles to help people connect with themselves and release blockages.

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