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Heidi Siegal Kogon

Choosing to Leave the Corporate World as an HSP

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Navigate challenges faced by highly sensitive individuals in corporate environments, from overstimulation to feeling undervalued.

  • Discover practical strategies to manage overwhelm as an HSP in business.

  • Embrace your unique strengths as a highly sensitive person to achieve success and fulfillment in both corporate and entrepreneurial pursuits.

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Meet Heidi Siegal Kogon

Heidi Siegal Kogon is a leadership and career coach who helps highly sensitive, high achievers break free from overthinking and self-doubt so they can find more confidence and ease in their careers.

With over 25 years of leadership experience in various functions, Heidi combines her extensive background with an MBA from Boston University and certified coach training to provide her clients with a results-oriented approach to achieving their goals.

Her clients often come to her feeling stuck, overwhelmed or struggling with imposter syndrome and overthinking. Heidi works closely with them to foster greater self-belief, recognizing their innate strengths and discovering their authentic leadership voice.

Heidi lives outside of Boston, MA with her husband, her dog and 2 cats.

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